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What is the effect of everolimus in the treatment of breast cancer

Everolimus belongs to the mTOR inhibitor, which targets the preclinical activity of breast cancer cell lines. It is currently proven to be used for reversing Akt-induced resistance to hormones and trastuzumab. Everolimus can be used for advanced hormone receptor positive and HER-2 negative breast cancer patients after menopause. So, what is the effect of everolimus combined treatment of breast cancer? […]

Things to pay attention to when taking Tarceva

I believe that for many patients with late-stage EGFR gene mutations in non-small cell lung cancer, Tarceva must be no stranger to this drug. For patients with late-stage lung cancer, Tarceva is the first-line treatment. Tarceva) has always been a priority. So for lung cancer patients, what additional attention should be paid to patients with Tarceva eating time? The sick […]

What to do if osimertinib is resistant

Osimertinib is currently the first-line drug for EGFR-positive non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients, and it is also the first third-generation lung cancer targeted drug to be marketed. In the field of lung cancer treatment, excellent results have been achieved: the latest clinical research shows that as a first-line drug, osimertinib has an overall survival time of up to 38 […]

These people are cautious and even prohibit taking cabozantinib

In addition to treating advanced liver cancer, kidney cancer and thyroid cancer, cabozantinib also has a good effect on soft tissue sarcoma, non-small cell lung cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer and colon cancer. Although Cabozantinib is suitable for the treatment of advanced liver cancer, kidney cancer and thyroid cancer, not all patients with these diseases can take it. […]

How long will side effects occur after taking afatinib

Many patients worry about side effects when using drugs to treat diseases. After all, this disease is already very painful for patients, and if the drug causes more uncomfortable symptoms, the patient will not be able to tolerate it. Afatinib is a kind of medicine that can be used to treat lung cancer, and the effect of this medicine is […]

What are the side effects of ibrutinib

Many people are more worried about the side effects of drugs when taking drugs to treat diseases, because some drugs have more serious side effects, if not handled properly, they may have health effects. Ibrutinib may be used by many patients with lymphoma. Let's take a look at the side effects of ibrutinib. What are the side effects of ibrutinib? […]

Ibrutinib's adverse reactions and treatment methods

Lymphoma is a malignant tumor with a high incidence. This disease threatens the health and safety of patients. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to the treatment of this disease. Patients with this disease can use ibrutinib under the guidance of a doctor. Ibrutinib's adverse reactions and related treatment measures are detailed below. Ibrutinib's adverse reactions and related treatment measures should […]

Signs of resistance to crizotinib

Non-small cell lung cancer can cause breathing difficulties in patients, and some people will also have hemoptysis, so everyone should pay attention, because this disease will directly threaten the life of patients, pay attention to timely medication and treatment, crizotinib is the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer Drugs, let us look at the signs of crizotinib resistance. Crizotinib can […]

Can abiraterone treat prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer is a relatively common male disease. It is also a malignant tumor with a high mortality rate. Many male friends are plagued by this disease. It is understood that there are many drugs that can be used for prostate cancer, and abiraterone is one of them. Now let us see if Abiraterone is effective in treating prostate cancer? […]