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What is the effect of everolimus in the treatment of breast cancer

Everolimus belongs to the mTOR inhibitor, which targets the preclinical activity of breast cancer cell lines. It is currently proven to be used for reversing Akt-induced resistance to hormones and trastuzumab. Everolimus can be used for advanced hormone receptor positive and HER-2 negative breast cancer patients after menopause. So, what is the effect of everolimus combined treatment of breast cancer?

In 2012, everolimus was approved by the FDA in combination with exemestane to treat patients with hormone receptor-positive and HER2-negative advanced breast cancer. A research experiment found that patients who received everolimus (10 mg per day) + exemestane (25 mg per day) had a median progression-free survival of 7.8 months, while exemestane (25 mg per day) +The placebo group is 3.2 months. Everolimus can usually be taken for a month to see the effect, but the specifics vary from person to person.

Dosage of everolimus: The dose of everolimus is once a day. There are 5mg and 10mg of everolimus. There are 10 tablets in a box and 10mg per day. That is to say, you need 10mg*30 everolimus per month. The dose. Everolimus is a generic drug of the original everolimus, and the therapeutic effects of the drugs are the same.

Everolimus side effects: A common adverse reaction of everolimus is stomatitis (gargle with dexamethasone, then clean water. When the stomatitis is above grade 3, you need to pay attention to it. Stop dexamethasone at this time. Hospital visits), paronychia (alcohol cleaning and disinfection, followed by ichthyol ointment, disinfection gauze dressing), tiredness (eating more fruits and vegetables, and diet to regulate), skin rash (available in Baidubang), rapid heart rate (blood pressure is normal) Yes, don’t worry too much).

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